Scholarship Program for 200 Hrs & 500 Hrs Yoga TTC

Yoga Life Uttarkashi

Education in Bharat (India) has always been a matter of SEVA (selfless service), and was always freely given and taken. Not long ago we had the grand cluster of international acclaimed universities such as Nalanda, Vikramshila, Takshashila etc where different branches of knowledge such as science, geography astronomy, yoga tantra, astrology were imparted to the students from all parts of the world freely as part of social service to prepare humans for extra ordinary capabilities. Maintaining the same ancient style of imparting education, Yoga Bhawna Mission has taken this initiative to disseminate education of yoga to people across the world as a part of service where the aspirants are not expected to pay any charges for the education.

200 Hours

Yoga Teacher Training Course

 Build a solid foundation in yoga philosophy, asanas, and teaching methodology with our comprehensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. […]

300 Hours Hatha

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Deepen your practice and teaching expertise in this foundational style of yoga. Explore advanced asanas, pranayama, and the subtle aspects of Hatha. […]

300 Hours Kundalini

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Unlock the transformative energy of Kundalini through focused asanas, potent breathwork, meditations, and mantras. […]

300 Hours Kriya

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Experience profound inner transformation with this powerful path, encompassing purification techniques, meditation, and advanced spiritual practices. […]

500 Hours

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Become a true yoga master with our in-depth 500-hour program. This immersive course offers advanced teachings and prepares you to guide others on their path. […]

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Rejuvenate and find inner balance with our restorative yoga retreat. This tranquil escape includes daily yoga sessions, nourishing meals, and time for personal reflection. […]

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