Achieve the highest level of yoga expertise

Our RYT 500 program builds upon your RYT 200 foundation and offers:

  • In-Depth Asana Knowledge: Explore complex postures, variations, and advanced alignment principles.
  • Expanded Pranayama & Meditation: Learn advanced breathwork techniques and deepen your meditation practice.
  • Understanding Yoga Therapy: Discover how to tailor yoga practices for specific health conditions and populations, including:

    • Cardiopulmonary health
    • Diabetes management
    • Stress relief
    • Women’s health (including prenatal/postnatal)
    • Yoga for children and seniors

  • Yoga Philosophy Deep Dive: Explore the Yoga Sutras and their practical applications.
  • Effective Teaching & Communication: Refine your teaching skills, presentation abilities, and class design.
  • Research Methodology: Develop the tools to understand and contribute to yoga-related research.
  • Studio Success: Gain practical insights into studio management and operations.


  • Completion of RYT 200 certification
  • Basic English proficiency
  • Interest in technology for presentations
  • Commitment to practicing and teaching yoga
  • No serious chronic health conditions
  • Willingness to embrace a yogic lifestyle during training


  • Program Fee: US $950 or Rs 75,000
  • Includes: Course materials, yoga gear, certification, vegetarian/vegan meals, and shared accommodation.
  • Upgrade: Private accommodation available for an additional $10 per day.

Sample Daily Schedule:
(Include your schedule with clear labeling; I’ve provided a basic structure)

  • Morning: Meditation, kriyas, exercise, breakfast, self-study
  • Midday: Lectures, asana/pranayama practice, lunch, relaxation
  • Afternoon: Self-study, presentations, practice teaching, yoga practice
  • Evening: Dinner, free time, sleep
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