200 Hours

Yoga Teacher Training Course

 Build a solid foundation in yoga philosophy, asanas, and teaching methodology with our comprehensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. […]

300 Hours Hatha

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Deepen your practice and teaching expertise in this foundational style of yoga. Explore advanced asanas, pranayama, and the subtle aspects of Hatha. […]

300 Hours Kundalini

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Unlock the transformative energy of Kundalini through focused asanas, potent breathwork, meditations, and mantras. […]

300 Hours Kriya

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Experience profound inner transformation with this powerful path, encompassing purification techniques, meditation, and advanced spiritual practices. […]

500 Hours

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Become a true yoga master with our in-depth 500-hour program. This immersive course offers advanced teachings and prepares you to guide others on their path. […]

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Rejuvenate and find inner balance with our restorative yoga retreat. This tranquil escape includes daily yoga sessions, nourishing meals, and time for personal reflection. […]

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