We strictly serve only vegetarian food which are freshly prepared and are well dietary balanced and recommended for Yoga.
There will be two bigger meals one in the morning after asana class and then in the evening another meal after evening yoga session. In between in the afternoon there will be light fruit-juice and herbal tea.
It will be a strict but very tasty meal recommended for yogic lifestyle however in certain situation individual requirement will also be taken into consideration.
We give preference to locally cultivated and organic vegetables, fruits, pulses as per the availability and also occasionally our kitchen team experiments with various cuisine of India.
Our meals portions are full of sprout, chapatti, rice, vegetable curry, green leaves and salad. We also add sweets and papadum and chatni occasionally. During the festival and special occasion we add the different taste to our meals such as sweets and dishes.
In our outdoor activities which we do once in a month we provide meals in the local restaurant where we go, at the same time if we go for picnic we prepare our own food on the site.

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