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Guruji Dr. Radheshyam Mishra

Pandit Radheshyam Mishra (PanditJi) is admired for his notable contribution in teaching Traditional Classical Yoga across the world since 1993. He has teaching experience with half a million people in more than 50 countries. 

At the age of 14 years, he started his journey and visited several Gurus to understand the true path to this life. He has spent his initial years studying various traditions & cultures of India from various renowned Masters – Indian classical music Tabla & Flute from Pt. Lalit Mahant, Pt Malhar Rao Kulkarni, Indian Ritual Traditions Karmakanda from Pandit Jagdish Chandra Bhatt, Astrology and Ayurveda from Kesharimal Vaidya and Tantra traditions from Umesh Bhatt. Pandit Ji was Born in a holy city of Central India ‘Ujjain’, in a Brahman family. He left his household at the age of 14, as he decided to choose a different path then what his family chose for him as his life principals were not aligned with what his father believed in. This decision presented a lot of challenges in his early life, as he could not afford his education and barely made enough money to support his livelihood. At a very early age he started to earn and save money through selling things in trains and footpaths, working in restaurants, followed by working for a Hindi daily newspaper, Theater and then to Bollywood film Industry, etc. Regardless of his hardships he continued his learning journey and decided not to give up.

Ashutosh Chandel
A bachelor in tourism from Delhi University Ashutosh Chandel has started his career exploring the Buddhist travel sector for more than fifteen years. His life has been in to the surroundings of Himalayas with his professional carrier where he has taken tourist from all part of world to help them explore the beauty, glory specialty, uniqueness, spirituality and mysticism of the Himalaya. Although he has been in to professional life of spiritual tourism but he has a strong background of spiritual life .As a growing young man in his twenties for couple of years he led a life of a Bhakti Yogi living a secluded life. He had also been to for couple of years travelling various countries like South Korea, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore etc working in Buddhist spiritual tourism sector.
The crave for the thrive of Yoga and spirituality brings him to be one of the Mentors and founders of Yoga Bhawna Mission. His Mission is to bring Yoga education easily accessible to anyone through Yoga Bhawna Mission.


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