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  • Yoga Alliance USA Certified
  • Affordable & Economic
  • Located at Two Beautiful Location of Himalaya
  • International Standard Of Teaching & Certification.
  • Expert Team Of Teachers & Team
  • Indigenous Teaching Technique Yet Modern Approach
  • Healthy Yogic Meals
  • Decent Accomodation with River Facing Rooms
  • Away From City Chaos & Pollution
Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar hails from northern part of India. He has been in to yoga not as something that he planned or organized but a chance. He has an academic background with two bachelors and master from Indian universities and is a registered yoga teacher from Yoga alliance USA . Yoga over the period of time became his passion and ultimately calumniated in to profession.
For over last more than sixteen years he has been in to yoga as a practitioner as well as a propagator. Starting his journey of yoga and academics from his home town he has extensively visited all over India for yoga classes. With these experiences at many yoga school and centers he has also travelled across many countries overseas of which Germany, Sweden and Netherlands has been his places of deep experiences among these overseas country Germany happens to be the most fruitful for him as a part of profession and personal reflexive experiences.
At Yoga Bhawna Mission the teacher training courses are conducted under his care .he himself takes classes on Hatha yoga ,Raja yoga ,Kriya yoga .At the same time depending upon the needs he expounds Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherhand samhita ,Yoga sutra ,Bhagwad Geeta etc regarding their practical approach in our present way of living.

Praveen Mahar
Born and bought up in Himalaya gives this young man a tremendous opportunity to spent time with manyYogis who comes and visit to this holy land for practicing yoga and thus inspires him to choose Yoga as his passion and ultimate journey.Praveen has enriched his skill in traditional Hatha yoga as well as Sivananda style yoga. Moving further he went to professional’s school just to shape up his knowledge and technique. An RYT 200 from Sivananda Yoga School and working for a decent time as a volunteer at Ashrams has given a different edge to his Yogic Life. At Yoga Bhawna Mission his unique style of Hatha along with variation which he learnt from various masters and guru made his class always happening
Predeep Rana
A self motivator and soft spoken Pradeep has enriched his skill in Vinyasa and Hatha style,since childhood he has been grown up seeing people coming to Himalayan region for yoga training made him curious and he opted the modern approach of yoga and asana practice. He has been professionally trained in Vinyasa style and is an RYT200 and has worked with various schools and few ashrams. At Yoga Bhawna Mission he teaches Vinyasa and various flows which he has experienced in his past with various masters.
Hansa Patel
Jumping into many different roles from IT Professional to teaching Yoga (Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan), Aerobic and offering selfless service and enjoys out-door activities like walking, travelling.
Over the years disciplined and combined activities has helped her to grow. Open to new experiences. Additionally also initiated by Kriya Yoga Master. Her passion is meditation and spirituality. After many years of self-searching and practicing various form of yoga and pranayama she found yoga and pranayama is the best form of self- healing tool. It is paramount to learn Vedic literature and gain knowledge for betterment and quality of life. It is deep healing and for all ages. Her mission is to help others from the experience she has gained over the years. Her passion towards this technique brings her back from United Kingdom to her home country as a visiting faculty at Yoga Bhawna Mission.
Usha Ranawat
A Master in travel and tourism management with a background of one year Yoga teaching from Indian university Usha ji has a tremendous experience of exploring Himalaya and spiritual destination across India. She has been consistently working in a background with team coordination, school management and various spiritual activities occur in school premises. Usha ji in particular has strong dedication to the work she takes upon in charge .Apart from a school management work she has special flare in to preparing fabulous and delicious Indian dishes which makes our food facilities a unique one.She is natural singer and sings devotional song which makes our Kirtan session always special. Her presence brings friendly environment among students and her attitude towards inmates is always caring and loving.
Behind The Team
Vijayant Kumar
Vijayant Kumar is one of the pioneers of Yoga Bhawna Mission, he has an academic background of diploma in fashion technology and later pursued his yoga education and is a registered yoga teacher from Yoga alliance USA .He is an RYT-500 .In his early age he has worked for few renowned international fashion retail company. The lifestyle that he received and underwent during his profession made him think deep inside of human well being and this thought brought him in to Yoga, he left his profession for good and pursued his yoga life. Himalaya and Holy Ganga are his greatest attractions which leads the foundation of Yoga Bhawna Mission in the Himalaya at the bank of Ganga. At Yoga Bhawna Mission he has philosophical approach towards education, management, team work, planning and future reflection.
He has a strong merit of working for longer hours and quite often to odd hours which has helped this Yoga Bhawna Mission function properly. His presence is the base of Yoga Bhawna Mission
Ashutosh Chandel
A bachelor in tourism from Delhi University Ashutosh Chandel has started his career exploring the Buddhist travel sector for more than fifteen years. His life has been in to the surroundings of Himalayas with his professional carrier where he has taken tourist from all part of world to help them explore the beauty, glory specialty, uniqueness, spirituality and mysticism of the Himalaya. Although he has been in to professional life of spiritual tourism but he has a strong background of spiritual life .As a growing young man in his twenties for couple of years he led a life of a Bhakti Yogi living a secluded life. He had also been to for couple of years travelling various countries like South Korea, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore etc working in Buddhist spiritual tourism sector.
The crave for the thrive of Yoga and spirituality brings him to be one of the Mentors and founders of Yoga Bhawna Mission. His Mission is to bring Yoga education easily accessible to anyone through Yoga Bhawna Mission.
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